The New York Times has claimed that the dinner party is dead.

Gone. Departed. A lifeless soiree of a past way of life. We're too focused on the quick-and-easy and don't crave emotional connections with our fellow human beings anymore. I personally find that depressing.

Gathering with your friends in a restaurant is never as amazing as it is to get together at someone's house. There's an intimacy and comfort that comes along with entertaining at home that you just can't get anywhere else.

Paley Draper is an ode to the glamorous socialites of the past who prided themselves on mastery of the art of in-home entertaining. This is where I hope to bring back a little bit of that pride in being the hostess with the mostess and help you, my dear reader, find that inner hostess-goddess-ninja-badass within you. Except we'll do it in a modern way where we aren't obsessed with being perfect, may burn something here and there, and drop a solid F-bomb every once in a while or...or all the time. If Sasha Fierce was Beyoncé's alter ego, Paley Draper is mine.

Let's throw effortless dinner parties where the funny conversations and storytelling last hours past the meal.

We'll plan girls' nights in where you drink too much wine and compare unwarranted dick pics. Let's create the best moments of our guests' lives.