Boos + Booze: A Pumpkin Painting Party

The Reason for the Season

It's officially fall, which calls for every seasonal cliché we all know and love. Chunky knits, golden foliage, and pumpkin-spice-every-damn-thing takes over life. One of my personal favorite fall traditions is my annual "Inappropriate Pumpkin Painting" party. My girlfriends and I get together to paint and carve pumpkins, drink too much wine and have borderline obscene conversations. Ya know, ~girl talk~. This is the fourth or fifth year we've done it (not sure exactly how long, I told you we drink a lot of wine) and I think I've gotten it down to an easy-to-replicate formula. And it's especially great because it's one of those get togethers you can throw that looks impressive but is easy and pretty inexpensive to pull off.*

*It's always a good idea to dedicate at least one pumpkin to Beyoncé

What you'll need + where to get it:

Photo Oct 10, 11 05 27 PM.jpg

I like to have the whole setup ready and waiting. That way we can just start pour the wine, eat some chili and get to painting.


Photo Oct 10, 11 06 22 PM.jpg

Make sure the pumpkins are nice and clean. Shine those babies up. Pro tip: I found Trader Joe's had the best pumpkin deals this year. YAS TJ!


Photo Oct 10, 11 04 48 PM.jpg

I like to arrange all of the materials in the middle. You don't really need a full-blown centerpiece but I like to add lanterns for a little ~fall flicker~. For supplies, I use painting kits but I also get extra paint and brushes. We need those after a little wine when we start to freestyle our designs and things get inappropriate. I also use a disposable table cover that can handle paint spills. It also makes for easy cleanup.


Photo Oct 10, 11 04 21 PM.jpg

I love these kits that come with everything you need to decorate a pumpkin. It's nice to avoid buying gems, pipe cleaners, and other things you'll buy too much of and never use again. They're technically for kids but that probably is best for my crew. And a nice little bonus is that they're only $5 each. Praise the Halloween gods. 


Photo Oct 10, 11 07 52 PM.jpg

Paint your little hearts out.

Now behold...the ugliest pumpkins you've ever seen.

Photo Oct 10, 11 07 31 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 10, 11 09 37 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 10, 11 10 18 PM.jpg

Well, it's what's on the inside that counts.