Cinco de Mayo Dinner Party

Bust out your piñatas and margarita's fiesta time. Whether it's taco tuesday or Cinco de Mayo or just a casual Saturday, there's always a reason to throw a fiesta. 

Fiesta Dinner Table Decor

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Fiesta Dinner Party Menu

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Fiesta Playlist

"I Like it Like That" - Pete Rodriguez

"Oye Como Va" - Perico Hernandez

"A Message to You Rudy" - Grant Phabao

"Que Se Sapa" - Roberto Roena

"Mi Swing Es Tropical" - Quantic & Nickodemus

"La Quimbumba" - Perico Hernandez

"Hustler" - Willie Colón

"Homenaje Al Beny" - Gente de Zona

"Zapateado" - Walter Hoff

"Cavern" - Liquid Liquid


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Two days before your party: 

  • Prepare the pineapple salsa
  • Prepare the vinaigrette for the salad
  • Plan your table and make a list of anything you'll need (flowers, candles, etc.)

One day before your party:

  • Prepare the mayonnaise mix for the street corn
  • Shop for flowers, candles, etc. 

Day of your party - morning:

  • Set your table and arrange all flowers and décor
  • Put all of the ingredients for the chicken tacos in your slow cooker (they take about five-seven hours for about six to cook so keep that in mind)

Day of your party - two hours before guests arrive:

  • Prepare the churros keep in the refrigerator - you'll want to put them in about 30 minutes before you plan on serving
  • Prepare a batch of spicy margaritas

Day of your party - one hour before guests arrive:

  • Prepare the tortilla cups for the salsa
  • Prepare the salad and keep the vinaigrette on the side
  • If you're setting up buffet style, prepare all of the taco shells, vegetables, condiments, etc. for the chicken tacos - you don't have to set it all out until a few minutes before you're ready to sit down for dinner, just have it all ready to go
  • If you're using an guacamole, make sure you put it out last
  • Pour yourself a cocktail and patiently await your guests - you've got this girl!